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What do you want to talk about?

Image de Lautaro Chamo

Why consult a sexologist?

A counseling approach essentially consists of accompanying individuals and couples in the context of the adjustments they wish to make within their life course, their sexuality or according to various choices of direction that comes their way. To do so, I offer you simple and concrete ways inspired by solution-oriented, humanist and feminist approaches. These approaches aim to co-construct a vision of your desired future and build on past successes, strengths and resources, in respect to your own expertise of yourself and your experience. The feminist approach brings a particular sensitivity to diversity, a concern for inclusivity and authenticity.


Learning about yourself,  self-esteem and self-confidence, anxiety, living after sexual assault/violence


Sexual desire, erectile difficulties, ejaculatory difficulties, pain, orgasm


Desire, sexuality, communication, life projects, conflicts, infidelity

Sexuality & Identity

Gender identity, sexual and romantic orientation, asexuality, gender transition

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If your reason for consultation includes the need for treatment of sexual disorders or an evaluation/follow-up requested by the Court or the DPJ , let me offer you a customized referral !

The sessions


1 to 3 meetings of 50 minutes. Allows to collect information regarding the reason for consultation (its nature and its evolution) and to have an overall portrait of the person.

Action plan

Co-construction of an action plan containing the means  to achieve your goals.

The appointments

50 minute meetings. The total duration of the whole process is indefinite and depends on the commitment to the process, the motivation and the therapeutic alliance.

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