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Law 25
Act to modernize legislative provisions relating to prprotection of personal informations

Conditions of use of email and appointment booking form

By using the website forms or email, you consent to the information provided being used to make an appointment. The information will be processed while respecting your confidentiality, in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Sexologists. For any questions relating to personal information, you can contact me, responsible for personal information, at my email

Website Terms of Use

Unless otherwise indicated, the form and content of the website are protected by applicable intellectual property laws, including copyright. All information available on the website is the exclusive property of the sexologist. 

It is prohibited to reproduce for distribution the information available on the website without prior agreement with the sexologist. 

Governance Rules Protocol for the Protection of Personal Information

Governance Rules Protocol for the Protection of Personal Information


1. Preamble


This protocol of governance rules aims to establish clear and consistent guidelines for the protection of personal information within the company Fanny Girard-De Serres, sexologist. These rules aim to ensure that the sexologist is aware of her roles and responsibilities in handling personal information, to provide a transparent process for handling complaints, requests for access and rectification, and to promote awareness and training continues on the protection of personal information.


2. Roles and Responsibilities


2.1. Management and Governance

  - The sexologist is responsible for establishing, maintaining and regularly reviewing the personal information protection policy.

  - The sexologist is responsible for supervising the implementation and compliance with the personal information protection policy.


2.2. Staff

  - The sexologist must respect the policies and procedures in place for the protection of personal information.

  - The sexologist is responsible for ensuring that she is trained and informed on personal information protection practices relevant to her duties.


3. Handling of Complaints


3.1. External stakeholders can report any privacy concerns to the Data Protection Officer (DPR), the sexologist.


3.2. The RPD is responsible for receiving, investigating and resolving complaints in an efficient and confidential manner, maintaining a record of complaints and actions taken.


4. Access and Rectification Requests


4.1. Any request for access to personal information held by the organization must be submitted in writing to the RPD, who is responsible for coordinating the process.


4.2. The sexologist has 30 days to respond to the access request. 


4.3. Any request for rectification of inaccurate or incomplete personal information will be processed by the RPD in collaboration with the parties concerned. Follow-up will be carried out to ensure appropriate correction.

5. Review and Update


5.1. This governance protocol will be reviewed regularly to ensure that it remains in compliance with legal, technological and organizational developments.


5.2. The sexologist remains up to date and will receive the necessary training to comply with the new provisions.


By adopting and respecting this protocol of governance rules, Fanny Girard-De Serres, sexologist, undertakes to maintain a high level of protection of personal information and to respond responsibly to the concerns and requests of its stakeholders.

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