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Nice to meet you !

I am a sexologist, member of the Professional Order of Sexologists of Quebec (OPSQ). I offer support and support services individually or as a couple, at my office in Blainville or by videoconference (Zoom).


I am extremely fortunate to be passionate about my work, which gives me the opportunity to meet people who inspire me on a daily basis!

My approach is human, authentic and non-judgmental. I believe that everyone has a unique inner strength and that we can learn to use this potential to bring about great change. 

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My commitment is to offer you a personalized, proactive, authentic and respectful collaboration.  I am a welcoming, sensitive and sincere person.  

My practice is based on creating an alliance with my customers, which allows me to adapt  to the rhythm and needs of each and every one.  

A sexological consultation is of short to medium duration. My services compare to counseling. They might suit you if you are looking to improve, maintain or restore your sexual health through collaboration.

My objective is to accompany you, to support you, to guide you in your reflections through the particular situation which brings you here.

I am also a sexologist at the Accès-Sexologie Clinic in Montreal.

Specializations and interests

Within my private practice, I have developed a particular interest in adult clients who aspire to cultivate greater satisfaction in their romantic and emotional relationships.


I am interested in the harmony between your individuality and life as a couple, either by exploring the intimate connection, the complicity, the harmony between your respective and common projects and ambitions, the understanding of strengths and differences.

I receive with kindness and competence victims of sexual assault and individuals who question their gender identity and sexual orientation.

Diplomas and certification

University of Quebec in Montreal - Bachelor of Sexology

Member of l'Ordre professionnel des sexologues du Québec (OPSQ)

Fanny Girard-De Serres

Permit number : 202006-024


Work experience

Sexology intern - Selwyn House School - 2019-2020

Agente de Relations Humaines - CISSS des Laurentides - 2020-2021

Sexologist - Clinique Accès-Sexologie - 2021-2023

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Continuing education


Dyspareunia: Skills, therapeutic posture and management of vulvovaginal pain (Florence Bonneau, Sexologist M.A. and psychotherapist) 11/24/2023

Cultivate joy and self-compassion: Concrete actions to increase our resilience (Amélie Seidah, Ph.D., psychologist) 10/24/2023

Karpman's triangle in sexological practice:
Conceptualizing relational dynamics and distress (Vanessa Forgues, M.A. sexologist and psychotherapist) - 05/19/2023


Intervention with the suicidal person using good practices (By Amélie Gauthier via the Center Prévention Suicide Le Faubourg) 25/11/2022

Countertransference and its usefulness in clinical understanding and intervention with people suffering from personality disorder (or fragility) (by Amélie Saucier, D.Ps., psychologist) - 10/17/2022


Premature ejaculation (By Académie Sexocorporel Desjardins) - 08/16/2022


Training on the evaluation of sexual development and behavior (By Marie-Eve Ross, sexologist and psychotherapist via the OPSQ) - 06/16/2022

Feminist Intervention and Mental Health (Violence Against Women Training Institute) - 04/05/2022


EMT (eye movement technique): a strategic tool in brief therapy (Stéphane Migneault, M. Ps. Psychologist) - 04/01/2022

Shame: Understand it to better intervene. The Red Door. Julie Fournier, social worker and psychotherapist - 03/29/2022

Facilitating the recovery process for victims of sexual assault (Mahé Fall by ASQ) - 02/25/2022

Anorgastia disorders - anorgasmia (Académie Sexocorporel Desjardins) - 01/14/2022

Couple Integrative Behavioral Therapy (TCIC) Promoting tolerance, acceptance and then change (François St Père) - 16/12/2021

The use of sexual fantasies and dreams in psychotherapy (Katia Fournier) - 04/12/2021

Cognitive-behavioural treatment of generalized anxiety (GAD) (Dre Amélie Seidah, Ph.D., psychologist)- 08/16/2021

Starting a business in the field of sexology (Kara Institute)- 04/29/2021

Couple therapy and sexocorporal approach (Lise Desjardins and Mélanie Tremblay, sexologists and psychotherapists.Offered by the ASQ) - 04/16/2021

Plurality of genders: needs, support and good practices (Clinique Accès-Sexologie in partnership with the ATQ) - 03/13/2021

Solution-oriented psychotherapy (mental health training center of the CISSS de l'Outaouais) - 02/13/2021

Complex trauma and trauma-focused approaches (Dre Delphine Collin-Vézina ) - 10/22/2020

Training on record keeping, consulting rooms for sexologists and cessation of practice (OPSQ) - 07/10/2020

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